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    Ad in Ugly Things Magazine!!!! YES, this is the place! The Flamin' Groovies are at 007 (<  >) on the Catagory Carousel (<  >) . Thanks to Dennis Loren for the incredible art. Looks very cool!! (side note) - Dennis did the 1999 Skip Spence Memorial poster and a 2008 Tribute poster, for a show in Santa Cruz. What a nite!!! The 2004 Poster & handbill are in (002) Dennis Loren > Benefits.

    AND - 004 is Thomas Morris - UCD and the Central Valleys!  AND all the posters look better in COLOR.

    Mention Ugly Things magazine in your order and I will include a FG/Loons poster I have. Art work by Cyril. This is a Cahoots poster.


    *** WELCOME to Blue Moon Posters & Collectibles. And also, Cahoots Posters (Dennis Loren), Thomas Morris Art Prints (Carson-Morris Studios) Cyril Jordan Art Prints (The Flamin' Groovies) and I, Kent Wood Archives. We have TONS of items to Trade, Sell and Show. Happy Viewing!! You can reach me at or 925-686-9398 ~


           I have tried to simplify 1st's and reprints using a 3 Tier system.(Still working on it)

              Tier 1 (T-1) =original print; digital, offset, letterpress or screenprint, poster, handbill-postcard.

           Tier 2 (T-2) =collectible reprint, plus. Second printing upgrade - Screenprint, Giclee, supersized,



           Tier 3 (T-3) =digital reprint. On industry quality paper. Like we have.

           All "Original" posters and postcards are Tier 1 (T-1). 


    ** Good Folks outside the USA - Contact me to order. And for folks in the USA - contact me or pay online. We accept Paypal and I can invoice. All prices are in USD. Contact me if you have a question.

    Everything based on availability. All digital and Art Prints have a 1/2 inch white border (grip). 


    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!