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 So, why Blue Moon / Cahoots? Well, back when, Dennis Loren and I started working on poster projects together and we needed a name. I was under Blue Moon Enterprises and Dennis was Dennis Loren Designs, but we needed something new. And it didn't take long for us to get tagged " In Cahoots." So, we became Cahoots Graffix and Posters. And now you know. Of course Cahoots/Dennis Loren Posters also has Dennis's Jazz, Country, R&B and Soul restorations. And the Whisky 35th Anniversary Commemorative Series. And yes, some early posters and Dennis's current posters too. Cahoots has as many Dennis Loren posters as anybody. Digital, Offset or S/N screen prints.  

Or, if you have some spare time - go to the NEW Dennis Loren Archives. I've started to Archive Dennis's music graphics. I'm starting with the posters/handbills and working my way to Album/cd's /(8-tracks???). Then books and magazines. So it'll be awhile. Better keep checking back to see what's been added. You never know.

Now, Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles is my totally out of control collection/hobby/illness. I have posters by major artists from major venues. I also have totally unknowns and an assortment of who knows. I also have Books, Magazines, Band Merch, Photos, Music, Handbills, Postcards, Cups, Magnets, Gas and Oil and whatever Americana I've collected over the years. (I finally posted the Vintage Harold Cleworth Litho's. To view them go to Blue Moon / Harold Cleworth. Amazing! And I will be adding lots of new items in early 2013. So stay tuned....Hatch Show Print, Gov't Mule, Jeff Wood (from Drowning Creek) to name a few. So Yes, more from Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles. Just keep scrolling down until you see the posters at the bottom of the page. Then make your selection and off you go.

Last, the Kent Wood Archives - 1) I've started to list the posters that I have accumulated over the years. I still haven't finished the White Stripes, but these are the ones I do have. Plus some magazines and handbills I'll list later. 2) I'm also working on my Greg Irons posters, comics, magazines and collectables. 3) The Contra Costa County Event/Concert Posters Plus are known posters, handbills, photos or tickets from concert, or shows, in CCCo. These are what I've found so far in books, on the web, from other collectors, or what I have in my collection. The calendar from Earl's Music, in Concord, I added. That's just one of the Plus's. 4) Now, the Willie Nelson 2005-2006 Tour posters are all by Hatch Show Print, in Nashville. As I get time, I will list the posters and record the images. When I'm finished I should have one poster from every show for the entire Willie Nelson Tour from 2005-2006. Can you say "On The Road Again."

And last-last, I want to give a shout-out to Tamara, at TJ Interactive. She has really come through for us and changed this web site from ordinary to interesting. Thank you. So, if you need a web site, you know who to contact.

Kent Wood - signing off for now.