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    5/27/2015 - NEW NEWS - Classic Rock Poster Art Note Cards by Thomas Morris. Each clear lid box comes with 10 envelopes and contains 10 different, 5x8 inch (10x8 folded ), note cards of famous Rock Posters by Thomas Morris. This is the first series of Note Cards and choosen by Thomas, so you know they are the special ones. Actually, we added an eleventh card, just because. Hope you like it. And let us know which Note Card Series you would like to see. To order - go to Thomas Morris (above) and scroll down to Classic Rock Poster Art Note Cards. Any problems, Please contact me. Thanks.

    4/15/2015 - Flamin' Groovies posters for the Shake Some Action Shows at The Chapel and the Roxy are ready. Almost. Close Enough! I've posted them. Arrow right to [035 - Flamin' Groovies ~] catagory and scroll down. Any problems with check-out - contact me and we will set it right.  

    3/26/2015 - More cool news - The New UC Davis Box Sets are here. Just tap the Thomas Morris poster above and scroll to the UC Davis Box Set. Thomas created, and printed, some of the original posters and some are by Carson-Morris Studios, with Frank Carson. Included in the UC Davis Sets are 8 - 13x19 inch, signed, numbered and logo embossed Art Prints. The Prints come with a Certificate Of Authenticity and so does the Box Set. All in a clever black box with custom decals. Shipping is included. Go look!

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    I am - still - posting Hatch Show Print posters from 2003 - 2006. All of the posters are in M/NM condition and I only have one of each. Best O' Luck!!! Check out the US Attorney General John Ashcroft at the Ryman Aud. poster. I'm not sure if he gave a speech or sang, but it's got to be rare! 

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    I will always be working on the Category Layout. For example: Poster Artists (by name) and Bands (by name) are in Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles. (plus - Venues, Art Of Rock, Art Of Modern Rock and a few more.) When in doubt - go to the Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles Category. All others are on the Category Carousel or hiding. Good Luck. Or use the site map or Our Products list.

    ** Here's a photo of the Gold Rush Festival - Oct 4th 1969. Photograph by Steve Rudzinski. I'm there - in the middle upper left - somewhere. A great show. Thomas Morris did an outstanding poster design and we have Signed/Numbered/Embossed Art Prints available. Go to Thomas Morris. (arrow around) A Great Poster and A Great Show! I invite you to view all of the new Thomas Morris Art Prints. Guy's got chops!! 

    ***  Also, if you go to Kent Wood Archives (NFS)- Contra Costa County. THIS, is why I love collecting!  My newest poster - The Kinks, Beggar's Opera (from Lafayette) at YVHS, Concord. Presented by The Family Dog. Design by San Andreas Fault. I wish I could ask Chet about it, but I can't. So if you know how it happened, I would like the story. 


    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!