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    11/3/2015 - BRAND NEW FLAMIN' GROOVIES NOV 2015 Tour Posters! Art work by Cyril Jordan. Available here or at the shows. (007-Flamin Groovies) 

    10/17/2003 - Check out this Ray Charles Art Print by Carson-Morris Studios from 1968. C-MS did some incredible work in the 1960's. I've also listed the Thomas Morris Classic Art Poster Note Cards from Contra Costa Co. and Stockton / San Joaquin. So they're there!

    10/14/2015 - Chris Shaw, Dave Hunter, Drowning Creek Studios, Art Of Modern Rock Posters. Enough said!

    10/10/2015 - Drawer-by-Drawer - I just posted a set of Grande Ballroom 40th Anniversary posters. Grimshaw, Loren and Lundgren. (There's a deal in there if you look!) Then, I added some Robert Williams, a Brian Wilson - Sir Peter Blake, a Kylie Minogue, two Hendrix, The Rolling Stone and a couple Sci-fi posters. Movie, Album, cd posters. More coming....... 

    10/5/2015 - I just added a Hatch Tragically Hip 1999 Tour color progression and a set of Monster Magnet Posters by Ron Donovan. I also updated the Crossroad 2007 Wooden poster by Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan. A-N-D I ship around the globe! 

    10/1/2015 - I just added a killer Brian Wilson Smile package. Smile Poster, Smile program and an All Access After Show Smile Pass (never used). All are from Brian's American 2004 Tour. All items are in mint condition. And for those who care - The UK poster and program were slightly different then the American versions.  

    Dennis says "Hi" from Detroit. Same email.

    New Catagory's (1) Historical, Political, Educational (2) European Concert Posters - Performers. I'm finding Hatch printed much more then just music posters and the music posters shipped around the globe. And as always - I only have one each of the Hatch posters.

    Plus, I recently listed a bunch of Govt Mule Posters, posters from The Catalyst in Santa Cruz and Paradiso in Amsterdam.    

    **If you go to Kent Wood Archives - I list all of the CCCo. posters,flyers, handbills I have found. Some, I have in my collection and some I just know about. The White Stripes and Greg Iron items I have in my collection. 

    ** Here's a photo of the Gold Rush Festival - Oct 4th 1969. Photograph by Steve Rudzinski. I'm there - in the middle upper left - somewhere. A great show. Thomas Morris did an outstanding poster design and we have Signed/Numbered/Embossed Art Prints available. Go to Thomas Morris. (arrow around) A Great Poster and A Great Show! I invite you to view all of the new Thomas Morris Art Prints. Guy's got chops!! 



    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!