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    >>>Just in time for Picnic Day. Thomas Morris 50th Anniversary UC Davis Poster Set.

    And new Thomas Morris digital prints!!

    Check out the Flamin' Groovies cartoon. How True! How True! 


    UP AND COMING SHOW LIST for 2017 ---- I sent off the first wave of applications. I'll post when I hear back.


    > I have started (singular) - go visit. It's about Contra Costa County Posters, Flyers, Handbills, ads and anything else, CCCo. So, if you know of any, please let me know. Thanks.                              


    **If you go to Kent Wood Archives - I list CCCo. posters,flyers and handbills I have found. Some, I have in my collection and some I just know about. Same with the Bob Fried collection. The White Stripes and Greg Iron items I have in my collection. These posters are not for sale (NFS). Thanks. 




    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!