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    9/13/2014 - Welcome to the New - Improved - Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles. Not only have I changed the Home page, But I'm adding to the store inventory - Big Time! Come On In and look around!! Let me know what you're looking for. Holler, if you need help. My phone number and email address are at the bottom. I'm always interested in talking posters. Thanks. 

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    I will always be working on the Category Layout. For example: Poster Artists (by name) and Bands (by name) are in Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles. (plus - Venues, Art Of Rock, Art Of Modern Rock and a few more.) When in doubt - go to the Blue Moon Posters and Collectibles Category. All others are on the Category Carousel or hiding. Good Luck. Or use the site map or Our Products list.

    ** Here's a photo of the Gold Rush Festival - Oct 4th 1969. Photograph by Steve Rudzinski. I'm there - in the middle upper left - somewhere. A great show. Thomas Morris did an outstanding poster design and we have Signed/Numbered/Embossed Art Prints available. Go to Thomas Morris. (arrow around) A Great Poster and A Great Show! I invite you to view all of the new Thomas Morris Art Prints. Guy's got chops!! 

    ** Last, check out the newly posted Hatch Show Prints. Most of the prints are from 2003-2006 and have been safely stored since they were printed - a decade ago. Posters are in Near Mint-Mint condition and will frame Mint!

    ** Last - Last - I'm updating the Armadillo World HQ posters. They're in Blue Moon Posters - Arrow to AWHQ.  


    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!