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    **Blue Moon Posters & Collectibles NOW has over 1,400 items to Trade, Sell and Show. Happy Viewing!!

    8/31/2015 - New Message - OK, I've started streamlining the poster carousel - check it out. That's why it looks a little different. And, I'm listing all of my Govt Mule posters. Again, I only have one of each, of the Govt Mule Posters, so good luck!  The posters are by David Dean, Drowning Creek Studios, Steve Johannsen, Hatch Show Print, Nadina Simon, John Mollica and others. Over 30 posters and I'm still finding new ones - so stay tuned. Go to 003 - Blue Moon Posters - scroll right to Bands, Icons, Events - then go to Govt Mule. Or, type in Govt Mule in quick search. Call me if you need assistance 925-686-9398. I'm stoked!

    8/7/2015 - Check out these Contra Costa Event posters, flyer and handbill I've landed in the past few months. Ruthie's Inn #2 by Thilghman Press. Country Joe at Mira Monte HS. A flyer for a show at the Round-Up in Lafayette. And my favorite - a handbill from a show at The Concord Armory with The Immediate Family and The Virtues. If anyone knows who BC is - please let me know. Thanks.

    If you go to Kent Wood Archives - I list all of the CCCo. posters,flyers and handbills I have found. Some I have in my collection and some I just know about.

    The other Big News - Thomas Morris has completed Box Sets for Contra Costa County and Stockton/ San Joaquin. Add to the UC Davis and Carson-Morris Studios Box Sets and we are getting somewhere. Then, if you add in the Classic Rock Poster Art Note Cards..... You get the message. Check them out in Thomas Morris and let me know what you think.


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    ** Here's a photo of the Gold Rush Festival - Oct 4th 1969. Photograph by Steve Rudzinski. I'm there - in the middle upper left - somewhere. A great show. Thomas Morris did an outstanding poster design and we have Signed/Numbered/Embossed Art Prints available. Go to Thomas Morris. (arrow around) A Great Poster and A Great Show! I invite you to view all of the new Thomas Morris Art Prints. Guy's got chops!! 



    Kent Wood - signing off for now!!